I make my weaknesses my strengths and my strengths stronger.
--Lisa Fernandez, Pitcher, Team USA
Team Players
We play together as a team to win together as a team...
Working together is necessary for a successful outcome...
Winning isn't easy. It is earned...
NJ Xtreme
Empowering the lives of our players...
Winning is only strengthened by playing together as a team...
Empowering our players now leads to future success...

Welcome to New Jersey Xtreme Fastpitch Travel Softball!

NJ Xtreme is a competitive travel softball program that strives to develop our athletes into outstanding travel softball players and mature young adults. Our coaching staff works with some of the best softball trainers to enhance our training techniques, but also seeks feedback from each other and our parents. NJ Xtreme will continue to evaluate team growth striving to reach higher levels without compromising our core values. Our goal is to create an environment where each of our players builds the confidence and decision making skills needed to be successful on the softball field, but more importantly...in life. NJ Xtreme is proud to be one of the top Fastpitch Travel Softball organizations in NJ. We are located in Monmouth County, NJ.

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18u Hosting Friendly

NJ Xtreme 14U Claims a 16U Championship in Pocono Dome

18u Xtreme Fall team photo

NJ Xtreme 16U Wins 2015 PONY National Qualifier Tournament in Edison, NJ

05/31/2015NJ Xtreme Friendly 18U
06/05/2015Panther Pride tourney game 1 18U
06/06/2015Jaxx Tune-up 18U NJ Xtreme ShowCase
06/06/2015Panther Pride Tourney 18U
06/07/2015Jaxx Tune-up 18U NJ Xtreme ShowCase
06/13/2015Blue Chip Slide into summer Showcase 18U
06/13/2015USSSA A States 16U NJ Xtreme ShowCase
06/14/2015USSSA A States 16U NJ Xtreme ShowCase
06/19/2015Cheetah Super 12 Invitational 18U NJ Xtreme ShowCase
06/19/2015Blast at the beach - game 1 18U
06/20/2015Blast at the beach 18U
06/20/2015Cheetah Super 12 Invitational 18U NJ Xtreme ShowCase
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